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Since Phonocar’s foundation in 1972, the company has always been a Leader in the Car-Hifi-Sector and related Accessories. In recent years, Innovation has, more and more, become Phonocar’s main recognised force.

The Phonocar-Group consists of a number of companies controlling the various working-phases as from the project, up to the commercialisation to the final Customers. The supervision of the various production and sales phases has always been Phonocar’s speciality, assuring high Quality-Standards  and a world-wide appreciated Reliability,  testified by our Customers scattered all over the world.

Phonocar’s range of products is constantly up-dated with regard to the car-model-evolutions and helped the Italian Phonocar-brand become one of the most extensive Accessories and Interface-trademarks,  fitting the latest car-models with integrated complex Audio-Video systems.

Phonocar Engineers consequently examine every new-coming car-model, in order to study and create additional service-functions and find the best possible way to integrate Audio-Video-sources and aftermarket-units into the Original systems.
Car-Hifi-products continue receiving front-line attention, with specifically researched and well-pondered new developments. But there is also a future-oriented Car-Multimedia-line (DVD-Players, Monitors, Radio-CD-Players, TV-Aerials etc.)
With more than 1,600 different articles, Phonocar is in a position to satisfy any request in Audio-installations (cables, radio-frames, connectors, interfaces etc.), Car-make-up (Resins, plaster, neon-lights etc.)   and  Security (parking sensors, tyre-pressure sensors, Bluetooth hands-free kits etc.) .

To be noted that Phonocar took the strategic decision to produce the greatest part of her products in Italy, with the aim of ensuring best Quality and differentiation from other bidders. 
Customer-Care being of outstanding importance, Phonocar adopted the following service-facilities:
Prompt delivery throughout Europe, stock-availability of all products shown on the catalogues, information and application-hints by specialized Technicians, Repair-Shop and Spare-Parts available for all products shown on the catalogues.

Phonocar has the honour of being the official Supplier of the major European shop-chains of Consumer Electronics (Media-Saturn, l’Auto Leclerc, Feu Vert, Maxauto, Norauto…). This has certainly been achieved thanks to the high Efficiency-Standards offered by Phonocar. In fact, not only do we supply to these large Groups of companies,  but also to thousands of medium-small Retailers scattered all around the world, who place their daily orders, while Phonocar rapidly executes with professional handling-processes.