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MediaStation Deckless Android

Article number: VM001
Product class: Universal


We are glad to herewith present you our new generation of Deckless Android Media Station, that will replace our VM010. Our new VM001 is equipped with a new ultra-fast processor and updated Android operating system. It has an IPS 7" high definition digital panel and a satellite navigation on maps iGo Primo Next Gen Europe also offline in the version VM001E. Among its innovative features you will find also:

Android 8.1 system, with access to Google Play, compatibility with the latest generation of apps and internet connection via Wifi.


Quad-core processor with 2 Giga Ram for best-in-class performance.

Built-in Mirror Link function to display your Android smartphone and iPhone iOS directly on the screen of VM001.


Depth 4.3 cm. We have worked on the reduction of space to achieve ultra-thin dimensions. Installation is possible on car models where the normal mediastations cannot be installed.


Digital TFT/LCD monitor 7” wide - Touch Screen
Risolution 1024x600 pixel  
1080P multimedia playback
OS Android 8.1
Handsfree with external microphone (iOS - A2DP - SUPPORT - PHONEBOOK)   
Processor 4 core 1.2 GHZ RAM 2 GB 
NAND Flash memory 16 GB 
Tuner FM-AM-RDS-EON PLL memory for 18 FM and 12 AM stations 
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